Rhythm Kids Online : For Big Kids!

We drum & dance.  We stomp & sing.  We conduct & compost.

We play games & make music the Big Kid way!

Rhythm Kids®  Online is our new music, movement and drumming program that helps children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from ages 4 to 8 years old. Children dig deeper and gain a richer understanding of how music works.  

Rhythm Kids is the natural first step towards learning an instrument. Kids learn rhythms and songs, dances and drumming patterns from cultures around the world. This is their chance to take their very own music class at home!



Whether as a stand-alone music class or as a companion to formal instruction, Rhythm Kids helps children develop the facility, repertoire, and creativity that will allow them to unleash their own music-making potential.  Honoring both cultural traditions from around the world and all children’s birthright to develop Basic Music Competence, Rhythm Kids classes include:

  • Immersion in the rhythmic “language” of cultures from six continents (sorry, Antarctica!);
  • Playful, developmentally-appropriate music games;
  • Opportunities to lead, balanced with opportunities to collaborate;
  • Rich, creative experimentation and expression, improvisation and innovation;
  • Deep exposure to music that is both complex and fun;
  • A carefully-constructed three-year Animal Song Curriculum (from Alligators and Tree Frogs to Elephants and Kangaroos); 
  • Expert teachers, award-winning materials, and a worldwide Rhythm Kids community.

During each weekly, high-energy class, kids have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming to rhythms and tunes inspired by musical traditions around the world.  Their specially trained teacher leads group and individual activities that get students up and moving as they learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct.  Bonus: The music and movement activities naturally support several key development areas, including executive function, emerging math skills, and leadership.


Keep Learning at Home with Video Instruction
Rhythm Kids’ learning continues at home, with interactive videos designed to be a fun, anytime activity for kids and parents alike.  This cutting edge approach brings a great, constructive activity to your family’s day, and sets the stage for further musical learning in lessons, and musical literacy.While your kids are having fun, they’ll be refining focus, dexterity, coordination, and rhythm – all things they’ll use every day for the rest of their lives.

Rhythm Kids follows through on the Music Together® vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth through age eight. A special part of the Rhythm Kids class experience is the play-along videos and other materials available online. With the help of a grownup, as needed, children can have drumming play and practice sessions with Rhythm Kids creator Tom Foote himself!

The Rhythm Kids curriculum is an international, research-based music immersion program developed specifically for families with preschoolers and early elementary students aged 4 to 8-years old. 

Winter Semester Length:  8 weeks, February 3rd - March 24th (Elephant Collection)

WINTER TUITION: First Child: $190 per family | $125 sibling rate with enrolled sibling

Rhythm Kids Online classes include:

  • A weekly interactive 45 minute Zoom class
  • Video drumming tutorials with Rhythm Kids creator Tom Foote
  • The current collection songbook, CD and download codes

What kind of drum do I need for Rhythm Kids Online?

Drums are recommended for this class but not REQUIRED!  You can find something to drum with in your home and that will work.  However, if you'd like to purchase a drum, you can!  A Djembe is what we recommend for the class. There are many different sizes and prices for Djembe drums. We recommend a djembe at least 12” tall at a minimum. 12”-16” tall is a great option for children. For adults, a drum at least 20” tall is recommended. Djembe Direct is offering Rhythm Kids Families 5% off and free shipping.  Use code: RHYTHMKIDS at checkout. Another great resource for drums that has a webpage created specifically for Rhythm Kids is MindysMusikids.  If it is easier, here are a few Amazon links for reference:

12.5” tall (7-inch head)

16” tall (7.5-8.5” head)

20” tall (9.5” head)


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