Front Porch Jam Sessions

What is a front porch jam session?  It is exactly what it sounds like!  We make music together while maintaining social distancing guidelines.  You choose your family's four favorite Music Together® songs, we show up near your front porch or yard, and together we JAM the Music Together®-style you know and love!


Some things to note:

  • We follow CDC Guidelines for social distancing.  There is ZERO contact between us and your family.
  • We DO NOT come inside your home. We sing on your porch, driveway, or yard while maintaining a 6 ft distance.
  • We DON'T bring intruments or props to share.  But please bring some of your own!  Something to tap, shake, and/or click is always a good place to start.
  • Group jams are available!  Up to 3 families for $60!  We book one family per time slot.  And we will bill you the remaining balance after confirming your day/time frame. 
  • If your child comes towards us during a jam session, please don't worry!  We will stand up and kindly back away giving you the time and space you need to get to your little one.   
  • We miss all of our families terribly, but we will not be hugging or giving any high fives during our jam sessions.
  • Don't see the day/time with your favorite teacher?  Send us a request and we will see what we can do!


Due to COVID-19, we have had to postpone our in-person class offerings and musical events at Tenn Little Birds.  We are a locally-owned small business that depends on being able to make music together.  That's why we put our thinking caps on and decided to offer Front Porch Jam sessions to help Tenn Little Birds stay afloat until we all feel comfortable gathering in groups and singing together again.  Help us keep the music going and sign up for a Front Porch Jam session today!



  • Sign up for a preferred time frame below.  Once we have the locations from all families in that time frame, we will work together to come up with a schedule to get to each person's house with the smartest driving pattern.  
  • Register 1 child and write the following in the comments section: 
    • Name of any siblings
    • Possible specific time (ex: 11:30 AM works best for us).
    • Your child's four favorite Music Together® Songs.  (Don't worry it you forget to include them, we will have a punch of songs in our pocket for music-making on the fly).

***We will reach out the day before your session to narrow down a time frame and confirm song choices!***

Quesitons?  Call or Text 615-358-8544.

No classes are currently scheduled.