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Discover How Babies are Wired for Music

Babies love music. This will come as no surprise to you if you’ve ever soothed your newborn to sleep with a lullaby or bounced them to the beat of your favorite song. But did you know your son or daughter is also a natural music-maker? It’s true: We are each born equipped to respond to music from a remarkably early age. There is a lot you can do to nurture your new little musician— even if you don’t think of yourself as a “musical” person. Making music together from the very beginning will lead to a lifetime of shared musical enjoyment for both you and your child.

The Music Together® Babies Class will start you on the path to becoming a musical family. Specifically designed for infants eight months and younger, this one-semester introduction to Music Together allows babies to embrace, enjoy, and express their inborn musicality. In your weekly class, you will spend forty-five music-filled minutes singing, dancing, and playing with your child, all in the company of other new parents and guided by an early childhood music specialist. You’ll learn how your child is developing musically and how you can support this growth at home. Plus, you’ll leave with lots of ideas on how to play and bond musically together and infuse music into your baby’s everyday life.

Read on to see what parents are saying about the Music Together® Babies Class:

“In our Babies class, I learned that it doesn't matter how musical you are—the most important thing is for your baby to see you making and appreciating music.”

“I always thought my baby was just babbling and cooing, but now I know that he is actually responding to the tones of the music! I am now more conscious of how he responds after I sing songs, and I can hear him ‘singing’ with me.”

“My daughter loves watching & listening to me, so singing to her & playing musical instruments for her keeps her highly entertained and engaged in the music. She and I enjoy music class so much!”

“We sing the ‘Hello’ song first thing in the morning, and our baby loves it. The songs we learned at Music Together soothe our baby, so we sing them all the time!” “Since we started class there's a lot more singing and dancing in our house, and we're all a lot happier.”

“The Babies class helped me see that my baby picks up on beat, rhythm, and tone so much earlier than I ever thought possible.” “The Music Together Babies class has brought our whole family closer and has helped us bond more.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate for Babies Class? Children range from a weeks old to 8 months.  If your child is mobile already, we encourage you to register for our  Mixed ages classes.  Questions?  Email Allison Link at


What is the difference between a Babies Class and a Mixed Age Class? The Babies class is very similar to a mixed-age class.  The biggest difference is in the parent education moments.  Because the infants in a Babies class are not moving on their own yet, there is a calmer environment that allows the teacher space to draw attention to each child's musical behaviors.  


At what age should I start music class with my baby? Yesterday!  Babies are already picking up on music in utero and learn music in the same way they learn language.  It is never too early to start singing with your baby and nurturing their musical life. 

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